Guests could RSVP to the party with some help from Jessie. Since the guest list was only around 20, I was able to assign a custom site URL for each guest, offering a nice personalized touch. ✨ 👌 ✨
Recreating the “3”
The “3” started out in Illustrator, and then into Photoshop where all the rendering magic happened. After several blend mode experiments and an excessive amount of layer styles, I think I came within a solid 72% of what designers at Pixar had originally created. 🤣
Roping them up.
Basic letterforms were created in Illustrator, then over to Photoshop for the ol’ blur and levels trick, then back into Illustrator for a final smooth and refine before hand-cutting these bad boys into stickers. Each. One. 😩
The swaaaaag bags.
Packed with Hot Wheels, Barbie, PEZ candy dispensers, and other Toy Story themed swag, these hand-cut bags where a big hit with this rowdy bunch of toddlers. Not such a big hit? Sending these animals home to their parents hopped-up on sugar! 😂 🍬 👌

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