Killer Stickers for iOS
Masked effects
Stickers in iOS 12 are now better integrated into the messages app—allowing for even more ghoulish antics. Send your friends photos and videos with stickers live-tracked onto your face byharnessing the augmented reality found in newer iPhones.
Killing the details.
The app store screens were heavily inspired by the wax wrapper, off-register, halftone vibe from trading cards and sticker packs from the 1980s. Illustrator brush packs and textures from Retro Supply Co. came in super handy for acheiving these vintage effects. For extra authenticity points, I scribbled items off the checklist by hand, with varying shades of blue and black.
Stick or treat.
A small run of Ground Breaker, Braaaains, and Slap Shot stickers were given out to neighborhood trick-or-treaters on Halloween—and forced onto various co-workers and friends. Stickers were printed by the totally awesome folks at Sticker Mule. 
Killer Stickers

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