Worst app ever.
Most people are down with C.H.A.D., landing a solid 4.6 ⭐️ rating, but when there's thousands of downloads, you're bound to have some people hatin' 😂.
Keepin' it old school, brah.
The app store screens were heavily inspired by the wax wrapper, off-register, halftone vibe seen in trading cards and sticker packs from the 1980s. Illustrator brush packs and textures from Retro Supply Co. came in super handy for acheiving these vintage effects. For extra authenticity points, I scribbled items off the checklist by hand, with varying shades of red and blue.
#1  in the  App Store.
C.H.A.D. has sat in the #1 spot in the App Store several times thanks to organic downloads and being featured on several websites including Boy Genius Report and App Advice—totally righteous, brah!

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