Hello, I'm Alan Valek 👋🏻 , a multidisciplinary designer with over 20 years of experience. I work across multiple mediums with expertise in mobile 📱, user experience 👥 , animation ⏱ , web 🕸 , print 🗞 , and photography 📷.
My interest for design was sparked early on by growing up in the bmx freestyle scene of the mid-80s, being inspired by its bold graphics and imagery. That same curiosity eventually led me into the action sports industry, where I bunny-hopped my way to the top as Senior Art Director for Blitz, a skateboard distribution company owned by Per Welinder and Tony Hawk.
In my latest role, I'm creating the best fueling experience with the Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ app for iOS and Android, along with App Clips. I'm the lead designer on the fuels marketing team, and I've worked with Apple, Google, and IBM on various rewards program initiatives.
I have two iOS sticker packs, C.H.A.D. and Killer Stickers, both have dominated the #1 spot in the App Store for iMessage several times with over 19,000 total downloads. My work has been published in Nice To Meet You Too (Viction:ary) and 1000 More Greetings (Aesthetic Movement). Some of my other designs have been featured on numerous websites including Apple Insider, Boy Genius Report, Web Designer Depot, and FPO (For Print Only).
I currently call The Woodlands, Texas home with my wife and twin children. In my spare time, I've rediscovered flatland bmx, trying to relearn funky chickens and freak squeaks, while thinking of what my next iOS sticker pack will be.
C.H.A.D. (Chillin' Hottubbin' and Drinkin')
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Personal Business Cards
Nice To Meet You Too
Las Vegas Wedding Save the Date
1000 More Greetings
Las Vegas Wedding Thank You Card
1000 More Greetings
Exxon Mobil App Clip
Apple Insider
Killer Stickers
Register Now Animation
Principle Repo
Las Vegas Wedding Save the Date
For Print Only
Personal Business Cards
Web Designer Depot
Stitched Wedding Save the Date
Elizabeth Ann Designs
Dia De Los Muertos Wedding Invitation
Oh So Beautiful Paper
Video Part
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